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Hello everyone,

If you have found this page, chances are that you were looking for the SRG class blog. Well… As of 2017 SRG’s blog will be created as a Google Site. Unfortunately this means that we will have a new URL, so whatever links that exist will only bring you here.

To make it easy for you, I have put the link HERE too!

Enjoy seeing everything that SRG is getting up to via our new Google Site. You can also see our class Instagram too.

Earn and Learn


We have been learning about money and economics in inquiry so far this term, under the name ‘Earn and Learn’.

You will write a reflection on your experience with Earn and Learn so far. Remember to address these questions.

  1. What things have you learnt so far?
  2. What you found interesting or useful to know?
  3. How did you find the first trading session?
  4. If you have a government job, do you think that this has been an advantage or not?
  5. How well do you think your business will go?

Make sure you include a relevant picture in you blog post!


Big Write- Big Talk

Hello everyone,

This Friday we are having our first Big Write. We will be writing an information report about an animal of our choice. To help us prepare for the Big Write we will be completing activities based on vocabulary, connectors, openers and punctuation (VCOP) this week. Also you will need to be researching and learning things about your animal. Information about appearance, habitat, behaviour, diet, breeding and life cycles will be very helpful in an informaion report.

One last thing that we will be doing to prepare for the Big Write session will be a Big Talk at home with our families. I will send a note home with suggestions on what to chat about, but essentially you are verbalising your ideas so that you will be able to write about them.

Watch this video with your family to give a clearer idea on how to do the big talk.

Computer Coding

Hello SRG!

Computer coding is going to be a big part of our lives in the future. It is already starting to be ratehr important. Anything that we use on a computer, iPad or other device has been made using code. Code is basically the instructions given in order for things to work. Think of all the video games that you play… Coding tells your character what to do when you press buttons on the controller.

This video is called “What most schools don’t teach”

We are going to use to learn the basics of computer coding. Follow this link to join the SRG group and begin coding!

Only follow this link the first time so that you join SRG. After that you can log in from the homepage.



For BSPS’s Olympic day next Friday SRG will be representing Germany! In preparation for the day, and as part of our inquiry unit into Global Citizenship, we will be learning a few things about Germany; its history, culture and way of life, sports and some language.

Group 1:
Group one group will research German migration to Australia over the years and what evidence there is today. Create a timeline of important dates of Germans moving to Australia, with information about:

– What year
– Where they settled
– Why they moved from Germany
– What the did in Australia (eg. farming, wine-making, etc)

Try an get at least ten dates on the timeline. Use the following sites to help you get started.

Perhaps an activity could be giving students information about where a group of people settled and get them to work out what date it happened, making a human timeline at the end…?

Group 2: 
Group two will look at current German lifestyle and culture. Create a slide show with information about Germany, including:
– Where it is in the world
– the population
– flag
– information about the government
– currency
– biggest exports (things made in Germany that get sent around the world)
– major cities
– holidays and celebrations
– popular activities
– popular foods

Finish your presentation by teaching a traditional song that German kids sing, or traditional game, or something similar (to get everyone doing something)

Group 3: 
This group will be looking at sports that are popular in Germany. Think also about what sports Germany normally do well in at the Olympics, and some famous German athletes (from all sports, not just soccer. Think tennis, golf, etc). Think about an activity that you could do for your presentation to get everyone involved (it might have something to do with one of Germany’s Olympic events).

Group 4: 
The last group will be presenting language. Teach the students how to count to ten in German (or Deutsche), with a slide show followed by a quick activity. Then teach them animal names so we can play bingo. The animals you need to learn are:
– Dog
– Horse
– Fish
– Frog
– Mouse
– Chicken
– Duck
– Cow
– Cat
– Lion
– Monkey
– Sheep

Make some sort of randomiser (Stick Pick, raffle cards, etc) so that the animals can be called out for the game of bingo.

Lass uns gehen!!!